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What Is Yoga?
The term ‘Yoga’ is developed from a Sanskrit word called “yuj” which implies yoking the physical body and spirit together. Yoga- All is a very popular activity that is followed by athletes, students, seniors, pregnant mother and many more to be fit and strong mentally and physically. It helps people gain mental strength and help them to get rid of tensions and stress in their life. Yoga- All helps people to enjoy natural health. Yoga helps in energizing your body and to provide calm and soothing feeling to your body. Yoga- All can be described to be a method to harmonize the body with the breath and the mind using various breathing techniques, meditation as well as yoga poses. Doing yoga on a regular basis will help you in attaining natural health and you will not have any worries in your life. Yoga is a way of life and yoga- all is for everyone. Different yoga poses will help in treating various health ailments that you are suffering from. Yoga will help to strike a perfect balance between your body, mind and spirit and will help you to easily enjoy natural health without any hassles.

What Are The Benefits Of Yoga?
There are many benefits that you can enjoy by practicing yoga- all in your daily life. It does not just help in attaining overall natural health, but it provides you solutions and treats various parts of your body.
• There are many yoga positions that will help you to stretch various joints of the body that has never been exercised. It will help in improving flexibility.
• Yoga- all increases lubrication to the joints, tendons and ligaments.
• Yoga helps in massaging all parts of your body as well as your internal glands and organs.
• It will ensure optimum blood flow throughout your body and hence will help in completely flushing out all the toxins in your body.
• Yoga- all will help in toning your muscles and will help your muscles shed out excess droopiness and fat.
• Yoga will give you the power to snatch yourself from the jaws of pain and to enjoy a healthy life without pains.
• Yoga breathing exercises will help you to calm your nerves and will thereby prevent you from getting tensed always.
• Yoga will help you to improve relationship with your spouse, children, friends and parents.

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