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Dr Barbara Cawood

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CAWOOD CLINIC, 15 Irwin Street, Musina, 0900, South Africa

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What Is The Importance Of Women’s Health?
There is no doubt that a woman is as important as a man in this world. The world would not be what it is today, if there were no women. Women’s health is not just determined by certain biological factors and reproduction, but by their overall well-being. Women like men also go through stress, tension, nutrition problems and so in their life and find it hard to maintain their natural health. Women’s health issues are unique and different from men. The health issues that affect both men and women can affect women in a different way. This is why a woman has to give importance to her health.
Some of the common natural health problems that women face are: menopause, pregnancy and female organ conditions. Women’s health can greatly improve after pregnancy if they are given early and regular prenatal care. If a woman likes to lead a good life and to stay in peak of natural health as far as possible, then she should carry out breast cancer, bone density and cervical cancer screenings on time or at the right age. Some of the other problems that can cause problems to women than men are: signs of depression, death due to heart attacks, osteoarthritis, sexually transmitted diseases take a serious turn and urinary tract problems.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Care Of Women’s Health?
The following are the benefits that women can enjoy when they take care of their health.
• Doing regular cardio exercises will help women to maintain their body shape as well as stay clear from the threat of cardio vascular diseases. This will help them to maintain natural health of their heart.
• Getting good sleep of a minimum of 8 hours a day at a stretch will help them to stay healthy and ready for the rigorous job the next day.
• Exercising at least 30 minutes a day will promote women’s health and help them to stay fit and avoid many illness and lifestyle diseases.
• Losing weight and in perfect body shape is very important as it will help in preventing osteoarthritis, avoid breast, ovary, cervical and colon cancer, lower diabetes risk, relief from discomfort and maintain a healthier heart.
• Eating a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables a day will help them to cut down on the consumption of fat and helps to maintain women’s health.
Women’s health can be easily maintained by making use of various preventive health services offered in many countries.

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