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What Is Trigger Point Therapy?
Trigger point therapy or neuro- muscular therapy or myotherapy includes applying concentrated pressure on “trigger points” or the sensitive area in the fascia to get relief from spasm and pain. The muscular pains in the body have a trigger point and by placing pressure on the particular point cause relaxation of the muscle and lessened pain. In our body, the trigger point and the point of pain will be different and a well experienced practitioner of the therapy will be able to identify the trigger points and apply the pressure specifically in this area. The treatment involves physical therapy, stretching and manipulation. Muscle knots affect the performances of the muscles and cause pain in the adjacent areas as well. In many people, low back pain and neck pain are caused by trigger points and are self treatable using the trigger point therapy and will be able to regain the natural health. Trigger points in the body are diagnosed by observing the signs, symptoms, manual palpation and by pain pattern experienced by the person. Trigger points can be classified as potential, active, or latent and there are more than 620 trigger points in the human body. Massaging the trigger point helps to get relief from pain and to get stress relief. Stress is a major factor in creating the stress. Many physical health problems can be cleared using trigger point therapy and you will be able to get back your natural health with this method of alternative treatment.

What Are The Benefits Of Trigger Point Therapy
Myofacial trigger point therapy is effective in treating myofascial pain and dysfunction is recognized by the American academy of pain management. The many benefits of the therapy are as follows
• Most of the chronic headaches and migraines are the result of activation of trigger points and can be reduced considerably by this therapy.
• It is possible to reduce jaw pain within one of two sessions of the therapy
• Problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, pain and numbness of arms associated with arthritis, frozen shoulder, knee pains, tendonitis, heel pain, etc. can be effectively treated with trigger point therapy.
• It is possible to avoid or delay the knee surgery and get back the natural health of the joints with trigger point therapy method.
• You will be able to avoid the dependence on over the counter pain killers if you know how to perform this therapy by yourself.
• Pressing the trigger points stimulates lymph flow and improves your immunity, providing better natural health.

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