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What Is Tai Chi?
Tai chi, or tai chi Chuan, is non-competitive Chinese martial arts which include self-paced system of gentle physical exercise and stretching. It is now practiced world over for both its defense training and for the health benefits. The series of movements in this martial art is performed in a slow and focused manner and is usually accompanied by slow, deep breathing. Each posture in Tai chi flows into the next without any pause which keeps the body in constant motion. Tai chi is now used as a low impact exercise which create minimal stress on joints and muscles and hence especially safe for people of all ages to maintain their natural health. There are different styles of this martial art which focuses on various aspects such as health maintenance and on martial arts. There is no need for any special equipment to practice this martial art form and it can be done in groups or alone in indoors or outdoors according to your convenience. It is an inexpensive way to exercise your body to get natural health benefits. Yang, Wu, and tai chi chih are three popular types of tai chi and in this, the tai chi chih style has 20 movements, which uses a higher stance and is comparatively easier than the other two forms. Tai chi promotes healing of the body by improving the oxygen intake of the body which will provide enough oxygen to various cells in the body.

What Are The Benefits Of Tai Chi?
If you are expecting natural health benefits by practicing this martial art form as a daily exercise, you need to learn it from qualified instructors. They will be able to guide you about the proper techniques and the postures to be followed to get maximum benefit out of it. If you have an injury or chronic health conditions or problems balancing the body, they will teach you how to do the exercise safely. You start getting the benefits within 12 weeks time, if performed regularly and correctly. The main benefits include
• Reduced anxiety and stress
• Improved aerobic capacity
• Better energy and stamina to the body
• Increased agility and better flexibility to the body
• Increased muscle strength
• Better sleep quality
• Reduced joint pain
• Enhancement of the immune system
• Reduced blood pressure and cholesterol level
• Reducing the risk of falls in aged people
• Overall improvement in natural health of older adults

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