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What Is Shiatsu
Many have heard of the popular therapeutic treatment called Shiatsu which is of Japanese origin. It means finger pressure in Japanese. The concepts of chee, Meridian lines and the five phases of Chinese medicine theory underlie the principles of Shiatsu and its form of treatment. It is a form of traditional medicine where a practitioner first determines what is wrong with the natural health of an individual. They will diagnose the pulse as well as the abdominal palpitation of an individual before they begin treatment. Shiatsu experts work on the whole body which is unlike the acupressure and acupuncture methods where certain points of a body are stimulated.

Shiatsu is implemented by the following principles:
• The whole body of a client is stimulated along the different meridian lines
• Palm and finger pressure is utilized in Shiatsu treatment
• Massage and stretching techniques are utilized in such a form of treatment
• Different kinds of mobilization and movements are also part of Shiatsu treatment

This popular Japanese treatment method might not be able to treat any specific ailment but has proved beneficial over decades in helping to minimize pain and disorders which arise from different ailments. The natural health of the patients is heightened when they receive such a treatment.

How It Can Benefit People
The main benefit of Shiatsu lies in the holistic healing power of such an approach. It is a form of non invasive therapy that offers several beneficial effects:
• Shiatsu helps in promoting natural health in individuals as it offers finger pressure in the form of healing massages
• For those who face different musculoskeletal and internal conditions, they will benefit from such a treatment
• Muscle stiffness is reduced by Shiatsu
• The nervous system is stimulated by such massage techniques
• Skin and digestion is improved by Shiatsu.
• Several chronic conditions are solved by such therapy which can include migraine, fatigue, insomnia, digestive disorders, PMS irregularities, low back pain, joint pain and others

The overall effect on natural health by Shiatsu is a positive one. The whole body is stimulated and one feels invigorated by such treatment. One will feel calm and relaxed after such a session. As per traditional Chinese or Japanese beliefs, the internal energy flow is optimized by such a technique. There are positive and healing effects when one undergoes the Shiatsu treatment.

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