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What Is Rolfing
An alternative treatment method of natural health is Rolfing or SI. This system of treatment is so called as it was made popular by the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration or RISI in short. Such an institute made popular methods of addressing the structural integration b y the Rolfing or SI method. Rolfing can be defined as a manipulation of the soft tissues and movement in order to align the whole body’s structure towards gravity and remove discrepancies. Rolfing is not known to treat any specific ailment but there are several sound benefits that this method offers. It was introduced in the thirties by Ida Pauline Rolf who developed a premise of aligning the human structure as per the gravity. She developed a loyal following and as a result, the institute and treatment method of Rolfing or SI was formed.

The following features characterize Rolfing or SI:
• Rolfing or SI incorporates principles of osteopathy, yoga and general semantics principles
• Such a practice usually involves treatments in ten sessions
• A systemized approach is taken to address the goals of alignment and movement of the different body parts of an individual
• Passive and active retraining of movement is common in Rolfing or SI

Who Can Benefit From Rolfing
Often the natural health is impeded by faulty body structures. If the bone alignment and framework development is wrong, it might interfere with the natural health of an individual. In some cases, organs cannot function properly due to internal structural flaws. These are aimed to be corrected by Rolfing or SI.
• If you have had a history of trauma or injury which have not healed properly, you can resort to Rolfing or SI technique
• When old injuries seem to persist and interfere in the natural health of individuals it could be treated by this method
• Those who have physically demanding jobs and need to be in top physical form can seek intervention by Rolfing or SI in order to get rid of structural flaws in their bodies
• Musicians, performers, athletes and sportsmen can benefit from Rolfing or SI techniques

Many times people suffer from physical discomfort that limits their abilities. At the same time, there is no medical cure or expensive surgical options available. For them Rolfing or SI is a treatment that is worth a try. Several physical disorders, nervous ailments and bone problems have been solved by this method.

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