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What Is Reflexology
An alternative form of medicine is reflexology. This practice involves putting pressure to the hands and feet with specific hand, finger and thumb techniques. There is no massage done with lotion or oil. There are reflex areas or zones that are targeted on the feet and the hands which can reach different tissues and organs of the body and stimulate the same. Such reflex areas are touched in such ways that physical changes are brought about in different parts of the body. However, it is a holistic approach for natural heath with no concrete evidence of such a practice helping any specific disorder.

The features of reflexology include the following:
• The underlying belief is that certain areas on the foot correspond to certain body parts or regions
• When these part are manipulated one can improve their health by modulating the flow of energy
• In reflexology the body is divided into ten vertical zones where five are on the left and the rest on the right
• Such a form of therapy can be complemented with medical treatments

How It Can Strengthen One’s Natural Health
As a therapeutic intervention reflexology can do no harm but only benefit one’s natural health. When we are stressed the defenses of the body break down. At such a time we become susceptible to diseases and other forms of illnesses. That is when reflexology can help in augmenting and maintaining natural health in an individual:
• The main benefit of reflexology is in improved blood circulation. The blood flows freely throughout the body and carries oxygen and nutrition to different tissues and cells. At the same time toxins are also eliminated and metabolism levels are increased. Reflexology helps in increasing the blood circulation across the body and eliminate tension an stress
• There are over seven thousand nerve endings on our feet. By opening up the neural pathways pain is reduced. When one is suffering from pain or discomfort due to constricted nerves, reflexology can offer much comfort
• Reflexology helps to stimulate the lymphatic system. As a result, the immune system is kept healthy and cleansing of the system occurs more efficiently
• Natural health is promoted and energy levels are raised by the practice of reflexology

These are some of the many benefits that reflexology can achieve in an individual. One needs to approach a trained reflexology expert. People have found relief from joint pain, blood pressure problems, hormonal disorders, arthritis and other ailments by resorting to reflexology.

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