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What Is Qi Gong
Qi gong refers to the Chinese health care practice of ancient times. Such a practice embraces different physical postures, focus of the mind as well as different breathing methods. Qi gong is made up of two Chinese words where Qi, pronounced as chee, means vital energy or life force and Gong, pronounced as gung, refers to skill or accomplishment. While chee is the life force that flows through all living things in this universe, gung talks about skills acquired through regular practice. When these two words are put together, it signifies cultivation of energy or a system that is practiced to maintain natural health, enhance healing and to increase the life force or energy within ourselves.

The features of Qi gong are the following:
• Qi gong practices can be of three kinds – spiritual, medical and martial
• Any Qi gong practice involves certain key elements of posture, whether in stationery or moving poses, mental focus and breathing techniques.
• There are some practices that aim to increase the chee while others aim to circulate it; other aims are to cleanse or heal the body, store the energy or emit the qi in order to help in the healing of others

Benefits Of Qi Gong
The benefits of Qi gong are many as it is an ancient practice which involves alignment of the body and mind, control of the same and bringing about a positive flow of the inner energy for healing of self and others. Even though it is unlike any modern health care practice, it is definitely effective and many physicians recommend it as an alternative form of complementary medicine. Here are some highlights of the benefits that Qi gong offers:
• You can practice Qi gong to learn the art of physical movements and how to conduct such movements with concentration
• There are internal aspects of this practice which involve meditation or visualization
• When you learn how to coordinate the physical movements with breathing techniques, it will help to promote natural health. Tai Chi exercises are taught in order to help perfect such movements or postures.
• You will learn how to modulate the flow of energy within the different movements, postures, transitions and breathing patterns. This is akin to moving meditation
• Several postures are held for a long time which are akin to yoga. These help to strengthen the limbs and increase the flow of energy

Natural health is promoted in various ways through Qi gong. Qi gong practiced in movement or in stationary form helps one to enhance their natural health, immunity system and increase the focus of the mind.

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