Natural Health - Polarity Therapy


What It Is All About
If you wish to know about the polarity therapy, it has much to do about energy fields and different currents that exist. Such currents exist everywhere. They are abundant and in different forms in nature. The polarity therapy is all about the flow and balance of the energy in the human body. This is seen as a foundation of good and natural health. That is the main or the fundamental pursuit of polarity therapy.

As per the polarity therapy:
• Natural health stays in the optimal state when energy systems function optimally
• The energy flows need to be smooth and no blockage is experienced

As per the polarity therapy, when there is blockage experienced due to stress or other internal or external factors, pain or disease arise. Natural health is maintained in the optimal state when energy flows remain smooth and unimpeded across the body. Blockages often come about and they manifest themselves in dense or subtle levels. In polarity therapy such blockages to natural health are sought out. Then only energy is released. It is allowed to flow normally and the energy flow is allowed to be open and flexible.

Benefits To Natural Health
When we talk of polarity therapy and natural health, it has several benefits to offer. It is considered a blend of contemporary medicine and modern science. Polarity therapy helps to enhance the body or the natural health system in the following manner:
• Body conditions as per energy flow are advised to clients
• Exercises are given accordingly to help eliminate pain or problem areas. These correspond to places where the energy flow is getting impeded. Practitioners of such therapy help their clients or patients to understand such blockages and they demonstrate exercises to them which will help to remove such blockages
• Self awareness is created by the practitioners of such therapy. They also work with electromagnetic patterns. These are shown to respond to physical, mental and emotional experiences
• Health is seen as a condition of energy fields within the human body. These need to be balanced out for natural health to stay at the optimal level.

As per polarity therapy there are three energy fields in the human body. There are long lines of currents that flow from the north to the south while transverse currents move from the east to the west of the body. There are spiral currents that emanate from the navel as well.

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