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What Pilates Is All About
When we talk of pilates, it is not only another fitness fad. It is a workout regime that is targeted in educating people about being aware of the right postures of your body and how the wrong ones can lead to different problems. Not only will you gain abdominal strength and a worked out core but trying out pilates, you will be aware of your posture all the time and be aware of the same. Pilates consists of a set of exercises that aim to do the following:
• They train your mind to build coordination
• Build symmetry and the right postures
• Control little aspects of your body which can go a long way to reducing joint and spinal problems

Those who have trained in pilates are aware of the change in awareness that comes about at the personal level for their natural health. They are aware of how they should sit or stand. Pilates teaches them how to move and relate these changes to pains, aches or injuries that one might have sustained in the past.

Benefits Of Pilates
The benefits of pilates are many. It not only helps you to have an effective core workout but also to have the right posture and movement to synchronize the organs, limbs and joints in smooth movement and coordination.
• When you do pilates you are taught the importance of breathing right
• Movements are executed with maximum power and in an efficient manner
• As you control your breathing your stress is released
• Strengthening the core is a great result of pilates exercises. From the lower abdominal muscles to the trunk, shoulder girdle and the pelvis, all these major joints are strengthened by pilates exercises
• As you gain a strong back, most of the problems related to bad posture are minimized. Those who are eager to have natural health and eliminate back and neck pains from hours of sitting and sedentary lives, they will surely benefit from pilates exercises
• Pilates also helps to focus on the natural health of the muscles. Unlike other muscle building exercises, pilates helps to elongate and strengthen the muscles. That improves elasticity of the muscles as well as mobilizes the joints.

As a result of pilates workouts, many are able to enhance their natural health. Such workouts tend to condition the overall body and even out the stress in the different joints and muscles.

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