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What We Mean By Nutrition
The term nutrition might sound simple but it is the essence of good health and for life to go on. We often take nutrition for granted. However, poor choice of food sources for our nutrition, growth and development are the main causes of health problems that arise in life. Nutrition as a discipline, refers to the selection as well as preparation of food and their ingestion. The ingestion of the nutritious ingredients of food and how it is assimilated by the body is also a part of nutrition discipline. The main aspect of nutrition is a healthy diet for natural health. The basis of healthy diet comprises of a balance of the different nutritious ingredients that need to be consumed and in what proportion. Those who are trained in the science of nutrition usually help in meal planning and in proposing ideal diets to different people.

The Benefits Of Nutrition
The benefits are several of a sound nutrition plan. Not only will proper nutrition help a child to grow and develop in a balanced manner but also help adults maintain their ideal body weight. The effect of proper nutrition on natural health is far reaching. It affects all functions of a body and helps it to function optimally. If you wish to be of sound natural health you need to follow a good nutritious diet. It will not only give you sound physical and mental health but also provide you with energy and strengthen your immunity system.

The benefits of nutrition on natural health are many:
• Maintaining the health of the heart is essential. It is the most important organ of the body. In order to have a healthy heart you need to avoid food that is high in unsaturated fats. Bad cholesterol laden foods are also responsible for heart related diseases.
• Good nutrition is necessary for the proper functioning of the bones. Bones and joints provide a sturdy framework to all internal organs and protect them from harm. When bones are not strong, a number of medical issues can arise. Consumption of calcium and food rich in vitamin D and other minerals is necessary for proper bone development and maintenance.
• The foremost necessity of proper nutrition is energy. Calorie consumption from nutrition helps us to function and go about our daily tasks. Organs function from the energy derived from nutrition obtained from food.
• Optimal nutrition will lead to a strong immunity system
For optimal natural health, proper nutrition and its principles need to be followed.

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