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Defining The Practice Of Naturopathy
Naturopathy refers to naturopathic medicine. It is a kind of alternative therapy which employs different natural treatments. Alternate disciplines such as acupuncture, homeopathy and herbalism are different forms of naturopathy. Counseling on diet and lifestyle is an integral part of naturopathy doctrine.

The various features of naturopathy are as follows:
• Such treatments are non invasive. There is no use of chemical drugs or surgery
• The principles of self healing are used here along with vitalism
• A holistic approach is taken towards helping one to heal from a certain disease, disorder or medical condition

Naturopathy is a term that has Greek or Latin roots and it means natural healing. There was a Nature Cure movement in Europe from where modern naturopathy practices are much influenced. This movement started in the seventies and it raised interest in Canada and United States as well. The jurisdiction of naturopathy practitioners differs from country to country.

There are three broad streams in such a medicine discipline:
• Traditional naturopaths
• Naturopathic services
• Physicians who practice naturopathic medicine

How Naturopathy Can Benefit Us
Several conditions develop in our bodies due to poor lifestyle and eating choices. Hectic lifestyle and large amount of stress can also contribute to different diseases and conditions that give rise in the human body. In naturotherapy it is believed that all diseases arise out of what we eat and what is not consumed by the body. The root cause needs to be sought out and toxins need to be eliminated. In such a therapeutic method the focus is on the natural health to cure imbalances that come about rather than treating symptoms.

The benefits of naturopathy are many. Even for skeptics, they cannot argue about the natural ingredients and their healing power on the natural health which is used as medicine in such practices:
• If one suffers from imbalances in the nervous system such a therapy is effective
• Depression, fatigue, anxiety, headaches and other stress related disorders are effectively treated by naturotherapy
• For those suffering from menstrual problems, infertility and other sexual disorders can find balance and normalcy from such treatment
• Those who suffer from digestive disorders, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, cold or arthritis can find effective cures with such a therapy

Natural health is augmented by such a therapy. While chemical drugs come with adverse side effects on natural health, such effects are not found in naturopathy medicines.

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