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Defining Mindfulness
Mindfulness is similar to meditation which also strives to achieve a similar state of mind. Mindfulness can be defined to be an effort to pay attention to the present moment without judging yourself, others or anything else around you. It is an effort to make your mind stay focused on the present moment.

There are certain features of mindfulness which help one to achieve the desired state of mind:
• When you practice mindfulness you try to pay attention to things around you or a particular physical activity that you are doing
• You do not allow your mind to wander to other thoughts and gently bring it back to focus on the present moment
• You pay attention to your own breath or to the noises around you without judging
• You allow the present moment to be experienced in whole without any judgement clouding your senses or your mind

In such ways, mindfulness can be defined. Indeed, it is a simple act which has several benefits over the mind and body which ancient sages and Buddha himself had achieved. It is the first step to meditation whereon one can go to higher levels into one’s subconscious. Mindfulness is the first step towards meditation and a way to calm the mind and to help oneself to relax and de stress.

The Various Applications Of Mindfulness
Even if mindfulness is an ancient practice, its benefits are potent even today. The roots of this technique lie in Buddhism as well as in other religions. The ancient religious texts show how the saints have achieved greater knowledge and inner awakening by the practice of mindfulness. The various benefits of this technique on our natural health are enumerated below:
• Overall well being and natural health is improved by this technique. You will feel relaxed and satisfied in life, no matter what the circumstances.
• Being mindful will help you engage in activities with greater concentration
• Natural health is improved as stress levels are lowered, blood pressure remains stable and the stress on the heart and other organs is reduced
• Emotional and natural health has a positive association. Being mindful will help you to control your emotions better and help you stay healthy.
• As you savor the present moments more in life, your regrets about the past or anxieties of the future will reduce.

For all such benefits on natural health, it is important to practice the art of mindfulness in our busy lives.

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