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What Is Stone Massage Therapy?
If you are looking to enjoy natural health treatments that will help in offering you a deep feeling of relaxation and well being, then you can choose to go for a popular massage – stone therapy. This special massage – stone therapy uses both hot and cold flat and smooth stones with massage techniques to offer you the best relaxation and to relieve you of stress and strain. The hot stones used in this massage are volcanic rocks like basalt and the cold stones are normally marbles or cool sedimentary stones. The hot stones are placed in a vessel filled with water that is heated to 30 to 35 degree Celsius. These stones are placed on specific points on the body after it is heated to the desired temperature. The areas include: back, hands, neck, etc. The other stones are held by massage – stone therapy specialist and will be used to work on your muscles to alleviate stress and strain as well as pains in your body. The marble stones are the cold stones which are placed on different points of water after placing it in a bowl of iced water. It is a natural health healing technique that offers great relaxation and ensures your well being.

What Are The Benefits Of Stone Massage Therapy?
There are many benefits that you can enjoy when undergoing massage – stone therapy healing. It is not a luxury anymore and is one of the best options to maintain natural health.
• Massage- stone therapy helps in managing your stress levels. It will help in releasing muscle tension in your body and make you relax and unwind.
• The heat in the stones used in massage – stone therapy will help in relaxing and loosening of tight muscles in the body and helps to regain your natural health.
• It can treat a lot of health problems like: hypertension, stress, Fibromyalgia, arthritis and musculoskeletal problems.
• It will help in getting a sound and better sleep and helps your body to rejuvenate and recuperate from daily fatigue.
• This therapy will offer you great relief from muscle pain, back sores and offers great comfort to painful muscles.
• This therapy will help in improving the blood flow in your body and also will boost the energy flow in your body.
• You will be able to easily recover from injuries, sprains and surgical procedures.
• The toxins that are clogged in your muscles are released from your body and hence you need to drink lots of water after a massage – stone therapy session.

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