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What Is Massage-Pregnancy?
Massage- pregnancy is similar to the normal body massage. Massage therapy during the pregnancy period is a good prenatal care. It provides natural health for the mother by reducing stress and relieving the discomforts associated with pregnancy. Massage reduces the stress by reducing the production of stress hormones and increasing the blood flow to the muscles. Massage increases the efficiency of the lymphatic system and helps to remove toxins which may cause inflammations or edema. Usually the massage- pregnancy lasts for one hour. You need a well experienced practitioner to do the massage. You will need to use the pregnancy massage table or should use special pillows called bolsters to give necessary support while you position yourself on your side.

There are different types of massage–pregnancy method available such as:
• Deep-tissue massage- Here deeper pressure is used to relieve muscle tension and to increase the production of oxytocin and serotonin
• Swedish massage- This method uses long gliding strokes to relax the body- it is especially effective in improving the oxygen level in the blood
• Shiatsu massage –This method uses pressure applied to acupressure points to stimulate the natural energy and to gain natural health.

Benefits Of Massage-Pregnancy
Massage-pregnancy therapy is good for pregnant women and it offers many benefits. You can get relief from many everyday symptoms associated with pregnancy.
• Relief From Headache- Massaging the head, neck and shoulders provide relief from headache by reducing the stress and reducing the chances of tension headaches and migraines
• Relaxing The Muscles- Carrying extra weight of the child may cause strain on the various muscles of the body and massage improves the blood circulation to the muscles and relaxes it. The increased lymph flow removes metabolic wastes reducing the pain and discomfort.
• Improved Sleep- Massage- pregnancy reduces the levels of stress hormone and improves the sleep. Massage also increases the level of the fee good hormones called serotonin and dopamine.
• Other Benefits- It has been found that apart from the above benefits the massage-pregnancy therapy reduces problems such as joint pain, leg cramping, low back pain, swelling in hands and feet, sinus congestion etc.

It is necessary that you check with your medical practitioner before opting for massage-pregnancy to attain natural health during and after pregnancy. Giving massages in the first trimester is risky and should be avoided. Any women with normal and low-risk pregnancy can get highly benefitted by professional massage- pregnancy. This is a way of ensuring natural health of your baby as well.

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