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What Is Massage- Infant?
Infant massage is an alternative treatment practiced globally for human infants to help them to grow with natural health. In many parts of the world massage-infant is an age old –tradition. Massage has a therapeutic effect on infants just like adults and it provides relaxation to the baby. Massage provides great benefits for the baby to grow in a healthy way. A strong bonding develops between the parents and baby while they massage the infant. Usually any edible oil that is unscented is used for massaging the baby. Oils provide easy movement of the hand over the infant’s body. It relaxes the muscles and eases the tummy troubles in infants. Avoid massage- infant when the tummy of the baby is full or when the baby is hungry. Always select warm and convenient place to massage- infant and it is better to give the massage at the same time each day.

Make sure that your baby is enjoying the massage session using the cues given by the baby. Always be gentle while massaging the babies. Massaging away from the heart is relaxing and provides good sleep. The hands should move from the shoulder to the wrist. Stroking in the opposite direction, that is, towards the heart provides stimulation and make the baby more active. It is better to use a combination of both strokes while giving the daily oil massage for the natural healthy growth of the baby.

Benefits Of Massage–Infant
Both the baby and the parents get benefitted by the massage- infant. The parent will be able to understand the baby better and parents will learn how to calm and provide comfort to the baby. The parent will be more confident about taking care of the baby and this activity will bring the parent closer to their infant. The benefits enjoyed by baby are
• The loved feeling
• Better sleep
• Better bonding with parents
• Boosting of the immune system
• Better sensory stimulation
• Improved the natural health of skin
• Improved blood circulation
• Proper digestion
• Balances respiration
• Proper elimination of wastes
• Helps to regulate the sleeping cycle
• Touch along with vocalization helps to reduce pain and discomfort

It has been observed that the infants who receive body massage by parents have better natural health; they are happier and more energetic than the babies not receiving the massage. So, if you want to make your baby energetic mentally and physically, go for daily massage- infant sessions.

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