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What Is Massage-Deep Tissue?
Massage– deep tissue is a therapy used for managing chronic pain. This massage therapy gives focus on the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue in the body. Pressure is applied to areas of pain and tension to reach to deeper layers and fascia. In this massage firm strokes and deep finger pressure are used to treat the various problems that affect the natural health of the person. Massage– deep tissue is highly effective in chronic aches and in treating contracted muscles like stiff neck and back, sore shoulders, low back pain. When there is muscle tension or injury in the body, painful rigid bands appear on ligaments, tendons and in muscles. These bands or adhesions as they called can block the circulation of blood, causing pain, inflammation and restricted movement. Massage- deep tissue breaks down these adhesions using physical force and helps the patient to get relief from pain and to restore their proper movement as they will do when they are having natural health. The massage therapist will use some massage oil to reduce the friction. Most of the people will experience some pain and discomfort when deep pressure is applied on certain points in the body. You may experience some stiffness after the massage –deep tissue and it will subside within one or two days and you will gain the natural health.

What Are The Benefits Of Massage –Deep Tissue?
It is possible to clear specific health problems using this therapy. It is effective for treating the following conditions
• Chronic pain- It is an effective and affordable method for relieving pain
• Reduces inflammations- It improves the flow of blood in our body and reduces the inflammation and pain
• It loosens the tight tissues in the body and alleviates the muscle pain.
• It improves blood pressure- It reduces the stress and tension and helps to control the blood pressure
• It increases the production of serotonin, the hormone responsible for good feelings and happiness.
• Erases scars- Massage- deep tissue breaks up the scar tissue and erases the scars by improving the circulation of lymph fluids, hence it is advisable for people recovering from surgery
• It provides effective treatment for the injured muscles- The massage facilitates the removal of toxins from the muscle mass and promotes healing and natural health.
• Relief from chronic stress- Massage- deep tissue eliminates all the side effects of stress such as headaches, tight muscles, and rigid shoulders etc.

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