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What Is Massage-Connective Tissue?
Connective tissue massage or massage- connective tissue is an intense but non-invasive method to release the myofascia restrictions. This technique is more effective in reliving the tissue than any other technique. Connective tissue forms the fascia that surrounds and protects the structures in our body. Connective tissue helps to bind the organs and systems in the body. It provides structural support to the skeleton and to the muscles and tendons in the body. When the fascia is affected by injury, illness, stress or emotional trauma the myofascia or the muscle and fascia envelope shortens causing pain, discomfort, stiffness and decreased flexibility. Massage – connective tissue is the best method to regain natural health.

The massage – connective tissue manipulates the fascia promoting relaxation of the muscles, organs and tendons and improving the vitality of the person. This procedure gives efficient relief from various symptoms. This method can be used by anyone to get relief from chronic tension and to improve body flexibility. Athletes and dancers find this method highly useful in improving their performance. This can be used as the primary or supportive therapy to alleviate the chronic conditions and neuromusculoskeletal disorders like fibromyalgia, tendonitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc. The massage –connective tissue does not use any lotion or oil. The sense of natural health that you receive includes: better breathing capacity, more energy and better self-awareness.

Benefits Of Massage –Connective Tissue
• This massage provides greater well- being to the person receiving the massage
• Brings relief from all types of chronic pain
• Massage can affect the person emotionally and physically and provides better connection of body and mind
• It enhances the performance ability of dancers and athletes
• Helps in faster recovery of injured patients
• Provides better balance and posture to the body
• Provides a good therapy for many muscle skeletal problems and other problems affecting the natural health
• Massage – connective tissue removes the toxin buildup in the body and improves the flow of nutrients
• It offers faster and completes recovery from problems that affect your health and minimizes the vulnerability of the body to further injury.

It is necessary to get the massage – connective tissue done by a qualified practitioner. This therapy works by activating the body to self-heal. With the toxins removed and oxygen flow improved in the body you will be able to achieve the proper natural health.

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