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What Is Massage-Chinese?
Massage – Chinese is similar to acupuncture. The massage focuses on energy points and channels and improves the transport of blood and energy through our body. Massage- Chinese experts believe that to maintain our natural health it is necessary for our body to have continuous energy flow. This will help in reducing the stress and prevent the body from developing any diseases. The traditional massage-Chinese is of two kinds “Tui Na” and “Zhi Ya”
• Tui Na involves pushing, stretching and kneading of muscles
• Zhi Ya involves pinching and pressing the acupressure points

When our body is stimulated it produces more hormones and this will lead to proper flow of blood through the body and it will boost the energy levels of the body as well as the recovery process. There is a sedation technique called “Yin” and stimulation technique called “Yang” which are used to balance the energy level of the body. When the channels in our body get blocked, we experience pain in different parts of the body and we will be prone to lose our natural health. The massage- Chinese masseuse can identify the blocked pathways and apply pressure in these points to relieve the body from pain and blocks. The study by the association of American massage therapy has found that it is possible to treat serious illnesses such as cardiovascular problems, chronic lower-back pain and arthritis using the massage – Chinese.

Benefits Of Massage-Chinese
• The massage techniques improve the blood flow to the particular areas
• Provides relief from sore and injured muscles
• It removes the lactic acid build up in the joints
• Creates a relaxing and calm mood in people
• Regular massages improves immunity and help to improve the natural health
• Prevents and protects the body from degenerative diseases
• Improvement in health conditions using the massage technique.

It requires having a massage–Chinese for about 30-60 minutes once or twice a month to get maximum benefits out of the technique and to maintain natural health. People who are suffering from diabetes, hypertension, various infections and muscular diseases achieve a speedy recovery using the massage– Chinese techniques. The massage can activate the parasympathetic nervous system and causes the release of endorphins and serotonins which reduces the pain and keep the person stress free. According to Chinese it is possible to treat more than 140 medical conditions using the massage techniques. Herbal medicines are combined with massage to enhance the effectiveness.

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