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What Is Magnetic Field Therapy?
The use of magnets in maintaining the natural health and to treat various illnesses is called magnetic field therapy. It is also known as magneto therapy or Magno therapy. This field of medical therapy is based on the fact that when parts of the body are subjected to magnetic fields created by permanent magnets, the cause health benefits. The human body as well as the earth produces electric and magnetic fields. According to the practitioners of magnetic field therapy, by the interactions of earth, the human body and electromagnetic fields it is possible to create emotional and physical changes in the human body. It is also necessary that a person has balanced electromagnetic field to maintain natural health. During this procedure the magnetic field is applied to the outside of the human body.

Three types of magnets are used for this purpose
• The electrically charged magnets deliver electrical pulses to the area to be treated
• Magnets are used along with acupuncture needles to regulate the normal energy pathways.
• Static magnets without electric charge are placed stationary on the treated area to provide continuous treatment.

There are many products available which claim to provide magnetic field therapy, such as magnetic bracelets, jewelry, wrist straps, shoe insoles, etc. magneto therapy can be used as a non-invasive, safe and easy option to treat any site of injury, pain and inflammations and any other problems affecting your natural health.

What Are the Benefits Of Magnetic Field Therapy
It has been found that magnetic field therapy is useful for treating a number of health problems such as
• Mild and chronic pain
• Migraine and headaches
• Joint pain in arthritis
• Cancer
• Depression
• Injuries to muscles, ligaments and tendons due to sprain or strain.

This therapy can be used by children as well as for adults. It has no side effects and can be combined with other conventional treatments. It is believed that the magnetic field therapy improves the natural health by improving the blood circulation in our body and also by improving the muscle energy. This will in turn, result in better healing of the tissues. The regular use of magnetic field therapy helps you to maintain tour health. It reduces the stress levels in the body. The magnetic field devices have different frequencies and their effect will be different. Though this therapy is yet to get its recognition from FDA there are millions of people who are using this therapy for the health benefits.

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