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What Is Live Blood Analysis?
Live blood analysis or nutritional blood analysis is the process of observing the live blood cells using high-resolution dark field microscope. This technique is used by some alternative medicine practitioners to diagnose various diseases. According to the proponents of live blood analysis, by observing the live blood cells, it is possible to understand the state of human immune system, the amount toxicity in the body, the possible deficiencies of vitamins, the pH and mineral imbalances in the body, Fungus or yeast infections and any weakness in natural health. Live blood analysis claims to detect imbalances which are not recognizable by blood tests. In this method the powerful microscope will be connected to the camera and you will be able to see the blood exactly as it is inside the body. The indications of deteriorating natural health appear as changes or stress in the blood before the symptoms get expressed in the body. Hence it can be used as a powerful tool in preventing various diseases. The conventional blood tests kill the blood when the preparation for the test is done, hence it is not possible to detect what is present in live sample.

This test has to be performed by a highly trained and certified person. The blood is collected from the finger tip using the sterile lancet and it is placed on a slide and covered using a cover slip to avoid drying and the sample is viewed immediately under the microscope. This microscope will give three dimensional view of the blood. As the microscope is connected with the camera, the live blood analysis procedure can be watched on a monitor.

The Benefits Of Live Blood Analysis
It is possible to see the complete activity of the blood on the monitor. You can see the red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, floating materials like yeast, bacteria crystals, plaque, etc. It is possible to detect any early changes in natural health including the following changes
• Allergies
• Acidity. Alkalinity
• Anemia
• Arterial sclerosis
• Adrenal exhaustion
• Clotting dysfunction
• Dehydration
• Digestive problems
• Gout
• Changes in immune function
• Stress and toxicity of liver
• Nutritional deficiency
• Increase or decrease in the WBC count
• Yeast infections

Other Important Benefits of live blood analysis include:
• Giving early warnings of challenges to natural health
• Alerting for the need of medical attention
• For monitoring the specific conditions of health before or after taking particular treatment
• To understand the effectiveness of various therapies or treatment for the particular health problems

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