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Feeling Exhausted and Stressed? Kinesiology promotes Multiple-Level Healing

What is Kinesiology?
Kinesiology is a holistic, natural health therapy that uses subtle muscle-monitoring to identify and heal internal imbalances. The system was initially developed by Dr. George Goodheart in the 1960’s. Dr. Goodheart combined knowledge from western systems of treatment and Eastern philosophies.

Kinesiology is a natural health modality that treats the mind and body as a single, connected entity and works on the basis that they share a symbiotic relationship. Imbalances or anomalies in one dimension affect the other; for example, prolonged worry could lead to ulcers and chronic headaches may cause depression.

Kinesiology practitioners believe that that when we are stress-free and happy, our bodies attain a state of natural balance and harmony. When we feel experience intense negative emotions, the body goes into a state of imbalance which leads to mental and physical health conditions.

Our emotions have a profound effect on our bodies and kinesiology corrects the imbalance by removing energy blocks. Stress, anger, worry, disappointment and resentment block the flow of natural ‘Chi’ or life-force> energy blocks in turn manifest disease in the mind and body.

Conflicting, jarring emotions infuse themselves into the body in the form of muscular weakness. The muscular weakness triggers a seismic effect and other muscles also become stressed.

Kinesiology practitioners are able to detect internal imbalances by using muscle stress-resistance as a reliable criterion. Variation in muscle stress-resistance in turn indicates energy impairments in the body.
Kinesiology natural health techniques involve comprehensive testing of muscles to identify problems in tissues, glands, muscles and organs.

The therapist will request you to hold a position while he applies gentle pressure on a specific set of muscles.

What are the Benefits of Kinesiology?
Kinesiology is used in the alleviation of a number of physical, mental and emotional conditions. It’s particularly effective in the treatment of stress-induced disorders including headaches, chronic pain and back aches.

Additional health benefits include relief from fatigue, depression and anxiety. Kinesiology is also known to improve the overall functioning of the nervous, muscular and immune system. It also boosts memory, concentration as well as minimises the occurrence of phobias.

Kinesiology natural health therapists use gentle but powerful healing techniques in order to induce natural healing at multiple levels. Unresolved emotions take up residence in the body in the form of muscle stiffness and compressions.

To summarise, kinesiology is a holistic natural health therapy that promotes higher levels of overall vitality and wellness.

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