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What Is Iridology?
Iridology or irido diagnosis is a technique in which the human iris is examined to determine the natural health of a person. According to the proponents of this technology, the color and pattern of the iris can be used to determine the state of health. The iris chart is used to match the observations of the practitioners with the specific parts of the body, according to the division of the iris in the chart. The iridology practitioners claim that they can distinguish a body that has natural health and those which are overactive, distressed and inflamed. This information helps the practitioner to understand whether the person is susceptible to certain diseases and can predict the health problems.

It is also possible to understand the past health problems using this technique. The iridologists use equipments like magnifying glass, flashlight, and cameras and slit lamp microscopes to examine the irises of the patient. They also consider the pigment patters and the stromal architecture to identify the health problems. Each iris chart has 80-90 zones which represent the body areas. Any changes in the bodily condition are expressed through noticeable changes in the iris. Most of the medical practitioners consider this as pseudo science.

What Are The Benefits Of This Diagnosis?
Iridology has evolved over the years and it is widely accepted in Europe as a preventive health care method. More and more people in US are showing interest in this approach.

The important benefits of this method are:
• It treats the cause and not the symptom by understanding the genetic vulnerability and reactive patterns of the body
• You can maintain natural health and guard against diseases and infections using iridology
• It is a simple and economical way to maintain the natural health
• Iridology creates awareness about the overall health of the person
• It gives a clear picture of how the different organs in the body interact with each other to maintain our health.
• It is possible to understand which organs in the body are under/over active
• It is possible to understand the conditions of the different systems in our body such as the nervous system, digestive system excretory system, nervous system etc.
• A good iridology practitioner can identify the spot of inflammation by looking at the iris and comparing it with a chart.
• Reveals the areas of acidity accumulation in the body
• Treatment of chronic diseases is made easy with the iridology method

This is a great way of maintaining your health as it is possible to treat the symptoms years before they appear in the body.

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