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Dr Barbara Cawood

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CAWOOD CLINIC, 15 Irwin Street, Musina, 0900, South Africa

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Struggling to lose Weight? Healthy Weight Loss Strategies can help you Shed Extra Pounds

What is Healthy Weight Loss?
An increasing number of people are seeking healthy weight loss strategies. There are several factors that have lead to an increase in obesity and overweight tendencies. These include chemically processed and fatty foods, sedentary lifestyles as well as stress. Healthy weight loss strategies include holistic natural health therapies such as counselling and hypnotherapy.

As health experts say, any effective weight loss strategy begins with altering your mindset. What we think of ourselves and how we perceive our relationship with food plays a crucial role in our ability to achieve weight loss. Lack of self-esteem, poor body image and negative self-perception are all contributing factors for weight gain.

Therefore, before implementing weight loss strategies, it’s necessary to examine your internal motivations and beliefs. Stress and tension can often compel us to eat more than we should. This is called ‘emotional eating’. For example, it’s very common for people to crave fatty, sugary foods when they feel stressed.

When we are stressed, our body goes into the ‘fight or flight syndrome’. In this state, the body craves an extra shot of energy to keep it in the ‘fighting’ mode. This is the reason why you tend to over-eat fatty foods during periods of stress.

It’s very important to mention that healthy weight loss is seldom achieved with fad diets. Crash dieting and fad diets tend to throw your natural balance out of sync and lead to health problems in the long run. You usually end up gaining more weight than before! Therefore, you may wish to adopt natural health strategies that produce consistent and lasting results. Holistic natural health solutions help you develop self-motivation that keeps you on track with weight loss goals.

What are benefits of Natural Weight Loss Treatments?
The benefit of weight loss is not restricted to merely reducing 1 or 2 dress sizes. Healthy weight loss helps reduce the risk of health conditions including heart disease, diabetes and hypertension.

A healthy, low-fat diet and regular exercise helps you feel fitter, stronger and slimmer. Treating obesity and achieving healthy weight loss helps reduce the risk of arthritis, stroke and back pain. Losing excess weight helps boosts your self-esteem and increases self-confidence.

Counselling and hypnotherapy are effective natural health therapies that aid weight loss.

A holistic approach to weight loss ropes in the mind (a valuable ally) which helps minimise cravings and binges.

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