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What Is Flower Essence?
The combination of flowers in water is known as flower essences. Dr. Edward Bach was the founder of the flower essence therapy. The solutions of brandy and water constituted Bach flower essences. The water that was used to prepare Bach flower remedies was made by collecting the dew on the flower petals. He believed that the dew had healing properties of the plant and used it to improve emotional and spiritual conditions. The flower essences were used in very small quantities in a 50:50 solution made of brandy and water. Dr. Bach was the first to declare that there is a connection of emotional bodies to the physical health and Bach healing herbs were used to treat the primary cause of the diseases and help people regain natural health. The flower essences are highly effective and very safe to use and it has shown to improve natural health. The flower essences need to be taken from the stock bottle and two to three drops of the essence have to be applied beneath the tongue. It is found to be very effective in treating spiritual and emotional imbalances.

What Are The Benefits Of Flower Essences?
Flower essences are the favorite healing modality that helps in a person enjoying natural health. They are not just powerful, but help in emotional and personal growth. Some of the benefits of this essence are:
• The essence will work on you as a whole and acknowledges you to be having different levels of energy.
• It will help in stimulating your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental levels.
• These essences are completely safe, effective and promote natural health and healing.
• It can be used by anyone, be it women, men, children, babies, plants as well as pets.
• There is no plant material used in preparing the essence and only the flower imprint is used.
• It will cause any reactions when taken with other medications or healing process.
• The essences have the ability to adjust to different individual needs.
• They can be consumed in many ways and at any time.
• They will work in your body to make lasting changes and not just cover up the symptoms.
• Flower essences are even safe to be used by pregnant women. There is no way you can overdose on these essences.
• They provide a simple and easy way of healing and hence can be used by anyone.

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