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What Is Feldenkrais Method?
Are you having trouble with your back? Do you find that taking part in activities that you enjoy is very difficult now? Is it difficult for you to concentrate on things like before? If you are facing any of these problems of late, then you can reconnect with your lost natural activities by following Feldenkrais Method. This is a method that you can practice to get back to natural health and well being. It will help in boosting your natural abilities to feel, think as well as move. The Feldenkrais Method is a unique and noteworthy approach to human movement that is based on principles of neurology, physics and physiology. It helps people with tension, chronic pain in their back and other ailments to get rid of their problems and enjoy natural health. It employs various strategies to improve the posture, coordination and athletic ability of a person who is suffering from restricted movement. The Feldenkrais Method uses the process of organic sensing, movement and learning to free people from their habitual and regular movement patterns and to allow them to try out new thinking, moving and feeling patterns.

What Are The Benefits Of Feldenkrais Method?
The Feldenkrais Method is a very general approach to improving the movement of humans. It uses the power of the brain to improve the comfort levels of the body and to improve its function. It will help a person to enjoy natural health. This method is beneficial for people of all ages and abilities.

The benefits that you can enjoy by practicing the Feldenkrais Method are:
• Complete relief from joint and muscular pains
• Great reduction in the discomfort of neck, back, hands, knees, feet, hips, jaw and shoulders
• Reduces muscular tension apart from stress and anxiety
• Recovery from surgery or injury will be quick
• Enjoy greater balance and stability
• Ease of movement and improved coordination
• Reduced mood swings and increased energy levels
• Improves the circulation of the blood and also increases brain fitness
• Helps in boosting natural health by improving vitality and emotional well being
• Improvement in the efficiency of the muscles
• Will help to relax easily and also help in enjoying good sleep
• Standing and sitting posture will improve
• Helps in improving breathing and also improve self image
• Feldenkrais Method offers the great pleasure and ease in carrying out physical activities.

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