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Are you making the Right Food Choices? Consult a Dietitian for Qualified Guidance
‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ Hippocrates

What does a Dietitian do?
A dietitian (also called a nutritionist) provides information on the right food and nutrition. She advises people on what to eat in order to achieve specific health goals. A trained dietitian may also recommend suitable lifestyle changes in order to promote natural health benefits.

Good nutrition is extremely important because it provides our bodies with energy, proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals that it needs to function at its best. Healthy diet provides us with the micronutrients that it requires in order to maintain optimum energy levels, muscular health and resistance to disease.

We usually tend to eat when we feel hungry, sad, depressed, bored or simply because it’s lunchtime. The widespread and alarming obsession with slimming has led to a dramatic rise in nutrition-related diseases including bulimia and anorexia.

A registered and qualified dietitian can help translate scientific nutritional data into practical information. He is also trained to provide dietary intervention to reinforce treatment. For maximum natural health benefits, you may wish to consider combining medication or therapy with the right diet.

Modern, processed foods are often laden with chemicals and additives and hidden sugars. Our busy, harried lives unfortunately leave us with little time to pay attention to what we eat.

In fact, the truth is that most modern foods have been stripped of their nutrition in favour of longer shelf lives and profitability. Inherent changes in food production, processing, storing and marketing has led to a lot of confusion and misconceptions regarding food.

Good nutrition is one of the most effective natural health therapies for overall health and wellness. As a result of negative food habits and choices, there has been a significant increase in diseases like diabetes and obesity (especially in children and teenagers). A dietitian will examine your current eating habits and recommend personalised meal plans.

What are the Benefits of Consulting a Dietitian?
Consulting a qualified dietitian can increase your chances of healthy weight loss and keeping off the excess pounds. Moreover, a dietitian will provide scientific and unbiased information about food portions, labels, ingredients, allergens and calories.

She will create a meal plan keeping in mind factors including age, weight, gender and medical history. Eating the right food and incorporating healthy eating habits promotes wellness and vitality.

A dietitian can help you attain better health through appropriate dietary intervention.

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