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What is Crystal Therapy and what are its Healing Benefits?

What is Crystal Therapy?
Crystal therapy uses the powerful, healing potential of crystals to produce healing at inner levels. Crystals have been formed millions of years when the earth was born.

The knowledge of the mystic power of crystals is nothing new. Ancient civilisations like the Lemurians and Atlantis used advanced crystal therapy to treat and heal numerous health conditions. Each crystal has a unique structure. This special structure allows specific healing energies to be channelled to the energy field or auric body.

Crystal therapy uses different crystals as healing tools to replenish specific energies. Crystals have the power to raise dull, sluggish energy vibrations and induce relaxation and harmony between the mind, body and spirit. Each person is different in their thoughts and beliefs and this is why each of us may be attracted to a different crystal.

Most importantly, crystals may be used to activate DNA. This powerful ability reinforces our connection with our higher selves. Ancient civilisations were aware of 13 different levels of human consciousness; DNA activation with crystal therapy can help reprogram behaviour and thought patterns.

What are the benefits of Crystal Therapy?
Crystal therapy is a powerful healing tool that can be used to release unwanted pain and stress. Its ability to activate DNA helps let go of latent, negative karmic patterns and helps you move on from old trauma.

As you become more connected to your true, inner self, you begin to experience higher level of focus and clarity in thoughts. Crystal therapy helps you become more aware of your emotions and feelings. As a result, you find yourself able to make better decisions that are aligned with the wishes of your inner self.

Crystal therapy promotes inner strength and you feel better equipped to handle challenges. For those who wish to explore and develop their intuitive and psychic ability, crystal therapy is ideal to raise your frequencies and awaken your inner ability.

Crystal therapy helps realign energy flow and helps release energy blocks that are buried in our energy field. Energy blocks often cause disruptions in behaviour and thoughts. Eventually, you may feel exhausted, stressed and experience low levels of stamina.

Crystal therapy is non-invasive and may be used along with other energy healing modalities to stimulate internal healing. The practitioner may use crystals to massage energy centres to revitalise depleted energy flows.

Crystal therapy is a powerful natural health tool that stimulates mental and emotional healing.

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