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Struggling to Cope with Stress? Counselling can help you Move Forward

What is Counselling?
Counselling is natural health therapy and involves talking about how you feel.

Do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed?

If you are feeling bewildered and anxious, your thoughts can be chaotic and harried and may compel us to make the wrong choices. Counselling is a confidential, professional and collaborative relationship between you and the therapist.

When you talk about your problems, the counselling therapist works with you to formulate a plan that helps you understand your emotions and move on. The empowering experience of sharing your emotions with another person can be therapeutic and liberating. A natural health technique like counselling provides an encouraging, non-judgemental environment where you can express your views without the fear of being condemned.

Counselling sessions take place usually in a one-to-one setting (although you also have the option of group counselling sessions) and the therapist encourages you to talk about your memories and experiences. You feel empowered to identify negative emotions and express clearly what you are experiencing and why.

You don’t have to struggle alone with your stress and emotions. Sharing your thoughts and worries with your counsellor can help you process your internal struggles, self-limitations and confusions.

Opting to go to a counsellor implies that you are taking a proactive, positive decision towards leading a better life. Why merely endure your life when you have the option to enjoy it to the fullest? A counsellor will guide you on a healing journey where you develop a better understanding of yourself as well as of others.

During counselling, the therapist makes it a point to listen to you very carefully. A counsellor helps you define problem areas in your life – in your own words. Simply giving definition to the problem and articulating your feelings helps self-healing to take place.

What are the benefits of Counselling?
Counselling is a natural health treatment that can help with any mental or emotional problem. Counselling is a natural health solution that can help alleviate issues related to stress. Whether it’s family stress, relationship problems or exam worry, counselling can help you move on.

Counselling is a natural health treatment that can also help you navigate life’s transition points including bereavement and grief. Losing a loved one can be a harrowing experience and counselling can help you process your grief.

Other benefits of counselling include help with anger, addictions, abusive behaviour and raising self-confidence levels.

Counselling can help you establish a more understanding relationship with yourself.

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