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Suffering from Chronic Constipation? Colon Irrigation can help Provide Relief

What is Colon Irrigation?
Colon irrigation is a natural health treatment that is becoming increasingly popular for toning up a sluggish waste disposal system and eliminating toxins. One of the biggest drawbacks of modern living is processed and packaged food. In our haste to get to work or complete innumerable chores, most of us have a propensity to eat readymade foods laden with chemicals and preservatives.

Add to this, a sedentary lifestyle replete with overdoses of TV and laptop and what you have is a digestive system that does not function at its best. Fast food, fatty meals, alcohol and medication are difficult for the body to process and metabolise.

The colon is a vital organ in the digestive system and is often referred to as the ‘second brain’. This is because the colon is a maze of complex, highly evolved neurotransmitters (similar to the ones in the brain) that control the digestive process. Chronic constipation is found to increase the risk of ulcers.

The colon is situated just near the small intestine and is linked to it by the means of a small, one-way valve. The colon is responsible for compacting waste products after extracting water. Colon irrigation is a natural health technique that involves flushing the colon with warm, tepid water in order to eliminate faecal matter. Colon irrigation is not a new natural health therapy and has been in use since ancient Egyptian times.

Colon irrigation natural health treatment may involve about 5 to 6 sessions spaced one week to 10 days apart. The patient is usually asked to rest on his side and a sterile tube is inserted into the rectum. Once the colon is full of water (the therapist will ask if you feel full), the therapist may massage the stomach to help flush out waste matter.

What are the Benefits of Colon Irrigation?
Colon irrigation is associated with numerous healing benefits. These include improved digestive processes and alleviation of constipation. Colon irrigation also helps acid reflux and sensations of burning and pain in the upper stomach area.

Colon irrigation is also known to alleviate gas, bloating and flatulence. In addition, it provides effective relief in cases of bad breath, allergies and body odour. Colon irrigation has also been recognised as an effective aid for weight loss strategies.

Other natural health benefits include alleviation of diarrhoea, cramping and stomach discomfort.

Colon irrigation is a natural health therapy that helps flush out accumulated faecal matter and toxins from the body.

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