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Experience Enhanced Wellbeing with the Buteyko Breathing Technique
‘Breath is the link between the mind and the body’ Dan Brule

What is the Buteyko Breathing Technique?
The Buteyko Breathing Technique is a natural health therapy that uses correct breathing methods to treat several health conditions. The Buteyko breathing method was developed back in 1950 by a Russian scientist, Dr. Konstantin Buteyko.

He suggested that by using the Buteyko breathing technique, more than one hundred and fifty health disorders could be treated. Most of us have a tendency to breathe in a fast and shallow manner and we don’t utilise the full capacity of our lungs. As a matter of fact, we even tend to hold our breath without being aware of it.

Dr Konstantin’s research indicated that only 1 in 10 people breathed in the right way. The Buteyko breathing technique lays emphasis on an optimum blend and the right volume of gases inhaled and exhaled at the right frequency.

The Buteyko breathing technique believes that health problems are not necessarily alleviated by breathing in more oxygen. Dr Konstantin said that the body already absorbs the oxygen that it needs from the air that you breathe. Air contains 10 times more oxygen compared to carbon dioxide so it’s easier to absorb the right volume of oxygen.

The Buteyko natural health therapy involves a slight, shallow inhale and deep exhalation so that toxic gases are eliminated from the body. Forced deep breathing triggers what is called ‘hyperventilation’ and leads to an imbalance of gases.

The Buteyko breathing technique helps promote wellbeing by improving the natural gaseous exchange mechanism. Overall, the Buteyko breathing technique involves training an individual to focus on the correct rhythm, posture, rate and pattern of breathing.

Natural health practitioners will train you to focus on your breathing even as you engage in daily chores and activities.

What are the benefits of Buteyko Breathing Technique?
Since the Buteyko breathing technique works at the cellular level, it is associated with several natural health benefits.

You experience a significant improvement in energy and vitality levels. The Buteyko breathing technique also helps regulate body temperature, blood pressure and pulse rate.

The technique is especially effective for treating asthma. Additional benefits include improved quality of sleep, reduction in anxiety and panic attacks as well as improved resistance to allergies.

Other natural health benefits include reduction in snoring and enhanced sports performance.

The Buteyko breathing technique is a natural health therapy that promotes wellness by improving the body’s gaseous exchange system.

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