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What Is Breathwork?
If you want to enjoy natural health, then you need to look out for certain powerful self healing processes that will help in controlling your stress and mental pain. Breathwork is a natural breathing technique that you can use to heal your physical body. An illness will befall on people due to irregularities of breathing in life. With this breath control technique, you will be able to consciously control your breathing to make changes to your physical, mental and emotional state to get back to natural health. It will provide your body with the proper relaxation that it needs in times of stress and strain. This is a method of controlling your breath to have a proper effect on your mental well being.

The following are the different types of breathwork:
• Rebirthing breathwork – Used to release covered up painful childhood memories.
• Holotropic Breathwork – This will allow you to attain extraordinary conscious states.
• Vivation – Use circular breathing to help people return to natural health.
• Other popular types: Shamanic, radiance, Zen Yoga, Transformation breathworks.

This is a method of maintaining natural health by making use of conscious, connected breathing in a unique manner.

What Are The Benefits Of This Therapy?
The benefits of Breathwork can be felt on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels. The following are the benefits:
• Makes a person become calm and composed and gain back lost health
• Helps in lowering blood pressure levels
• Helps to enjoy a mental state where you can get connected with your spiritual self
• Lead a tension free life
• Betters the relaxation response and helps in managing stress and anxiety
• Help in greatly releasing tension
• Boosts mindful awareness
• Enjoy a positive feeling in your body
• Increase the flow of oxygen in your blood
• Improves sleep and also helps in strengthening your immune system
• Will provide better clarity of mind and body connection and you will have better control of mind and body
• Normalizes heart rate and rhythm of heart

Regular practice of Breathwork will help in enhancing general health, proper connection with oneself as well as promoting well being. It will lay the foundation to establish a proper connection between spirituality and physiology. Regular breathing practices will help in turning you into a better person and you will be able to lead a tension free and relaxed life.

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