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Bowen Therapy Provides Effective Pain Relief and Promotes Wellness

What is Bowen Therapy?
Bowen therapy is known for safe, rapid and lasting pain relief. This unique form of natural health treatment was developed by Tom Bowen nearly 50 years ago. Bowen therapy uses gentle manipulation of soft tissue or ‘fascia’ to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability.

Fascia is the soft, three-dimensional, connective tissue that cushions every muscle, bone, organ and tissue in the body. Any damage to fascia results in a seismic dysfunction affecting all bones, nerves and organs in the body leading to chronic pain.

Fascia contains thousands of neuro-receptors that are responsible for regulating the body’s physiological responses. Bowen therapy revitalises specific receptors that stimulate the body’s ability to establish homeostasis (internal balance).

The natural health session typically begins with gentle touch on the lower back regions. There are instant sensations of relaxation and the brain perceives these impulses through nervous system. Then the brain transmits powerful signals to muscles and tissues using the body’s natural neurotransmitters. Consequently, the body’s natural and instinctive healing ability takes over.

As the brain begins to correct the body’s neuromuscular abnormalities, you begin to experience relaxing pain relief. A Bowen therapy session usually starts with the practitioner requesting you to lie down in a relaxed position. You may wish to wear light, airy clothes to facilitate better absorption of Bowen therapy movements.

The therapist may also ask you about the nature of your problem and other details about your general health.

What are the Benefits of Bowen Therapy?
Bowen therapy is an extremely effective natural health treatment that reinforces blood circulation and improves blood flow. You experience enhanced levels of energy and vitality and improved resistance to common ailments including colds and flu.

Additional benefits include fast and lasting pain relief from sports injuries. Bowen therapy also helps heal muscular stresses, strains and sprains and promotes relief from headaches and migraines. Stimulation of receptors in fascia also helps clear energy blocks that leads to healthy flow of energy to all organs and tissues.

Other healing health benefits include relief from groin pain, uneven leg length as well as pelvic tilt issues. If you experience tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome due to prolonged huddling before computers, Bowen therapy can provide lasting relief.

Bowen therapy is a holistic, remedial natural health technique that uses the body’s powerful healing potential to correct its imbalances. This natural health technique involves gentle manipulation of soft tissue.

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