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What is BodyTalk Therapy and what are the Benefits?

What is BodyTalk Therapy?
BodyTalk therapy works on the underlying principle that inner balance is a blend of communication, cohesion and energy flow. The system of healing was first explored and developed by Dr John Weltheim and is now used widely in the field of mind-body medicine.

The natural health therapy is intricately linked to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), energy balance and natural healing. BodyTalk therapy practitioners believe that the body already possesses the innate intelligence to heal. Moreover, the healing occurs at a subtle level and is long-lasting.

When the energy flow and natural communication between cells and tissues gets disrupted, the body experiences imbalance and disharmony. BodyTalk practitioners examine and analyse the neuromuscular feedback from the body and using the information, they determine the specific body part that requires healing.

The reason why body talk therapy is an effective healing tool is that it aims to treat the cause of the imbalance rather than the symptoms alone. BodyTalk therapy helps realign the natural communication between organs, cells and tissues in the body. This in turn stimulates natural healing.

The therapy involves muscle stress testing that indicates the location of the actual problem. Therapists use muscle testing because crossed energy channels result in muscle stress. Once the culpable trigger points have been identified, the practitioner will gently tap your head while applying pressure to the specific points.

BodyTalk therapy helps the brain redirect its attention to the problem zone in question. The tapping and pressure help establish healthy and strong communication between the mind and body. The steady communication revitalises internal energy circuits and promotes healing.

Some therapists may tap the heart region after the head in order to help body cells reprogram their energy communication. The stimulated energy circuits and re-established communication helps boost biofeedback and reinstates the previously dysfunctional delivery system.

What are the benefits of BodyTalk therapy?
BodyTalk therapy is used to treat a host of health conditions including asthma, back ache and sore throats. Other benefits include treatment of anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

BodyTalk therapy helps improve the hydration process in the body. Hydration is extremely important as 75% of our body tissue is made of water.

BodyTalk therapy also helps the body fortify its immune system which may have been damaged by bacteria and viruses.

BodyTalk therapy is a non-invasive, drugless natural health technique that has profound healing effects on the mind and body.

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