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What Is Biofeedback?
What would you do if you were told that you will be able to manipulate the physiological functions of your body at your own will? Well, there is no doubt that you will be happy to hear this. Biofeedback is the process that helps you to improve your health, performance and also make necessary physiological changes that normally occurs with changes to your emotions, thoughts and behavior. You will be able to use the signals sent by your body to improve your natural health. Biofeedback is better used to treat anxious and tense patients and help them to learn the art of relaxing. It is also one of the popular methods used by physicians to help their patients to deal with the pains and return to natural health.

If you have learnt the biofeedback technique to completely manipulate your physiological processes, then you can have better control of your heart rate, muscle tension and pain as well as blood pressure. This treatment is found to be very effective in treating severe stress related conditions. This therapy will teach you certain mental and relaxation exercises that you need to use to alleviate your symptoms and return back to natural health. The biofeedback electrodes are placed on the patient’s skin and the information is sent to the monitoring unit. The therapist will read the measurement and suggest the right mental activities to follow after a series of trial and error methods.

What Are The Benefits Of Biofeedback?
The following is a run down of some of the biofeedback benefits to get back to natural health.
• This therapy will help in reliving chronic pains like lower back pain, fibromyalgia, abdominal pain and temporomandibular joint disorders.
• It will help in relaxing muscles and easing stress levels that will help in getting rid of severe headaches and migraine.
• Provides anxiety relief as you will be able to control your body responses when you feel anxious and stressed.
• It helps women to control the urge to use the bathroom often.
• Biofeedback will help people with fetal incontinence to have better control of bowel movements and is also used on children with the habit of bed wetting.

The biofeedback therapy can also be used to treat a wide variety of health problems like:
• Epilepsy
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Asthma
• Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
• Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
• Raynaud’s disease
• Motion sickness
• Muscle spasms
• Learning disabilities
• Diabetes
• Chronic constipation
• Apraxia of Speech in children

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