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What Is Biochemic Therapy?
Biochemic therapy is a type of treatment developed by Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessle of Germany based on the chemistry of the living tissue. According to him, the optimal cellular metabolism of the living cells depends on the inorganic minerals that are essential for the body functioning and natural health. He said that the disturbances or deficiency of these inorganic minerals leads to malfunctioning of the cell leading to various infections and diseases. When there is a deficiency of these minerals in the body the body loses its ability to absorb and to excrete and also affects the ability of the body to utilize the nutrition. So, he formulated the system of cellular therapy and gave the name biochemic therapy. In this therapy the 12 inorganic salts are administered to the body in the molecular form as medicine to maintain the balance of these minerals in the body cells or tissues and to promote natural health. These salts keep the cell nutrition in adequate levels preventing the growth of disease forming bacteria in the body.

The 12 important minerals for cellular metabolism are:
• Calcium Fluoride
• Calcium Sulfate
• Calcium Phosphate
• Potassium Chloride
• Phosphate of Iron
• Potassium Phosphate
• Potassium Sulfate
• Magnesium Phosphate
• Sodium Chloride
• Sodium Phosphate
• Sodium Sulfate
• Silica Oxide
When used in the right combinations, these salts can improve the natural health by improving cell function.

What Are The Benefits Of Biochemic Therapy?
• You will be able to treat both physical and emotional issues using the biochemic therapy
• It is safe to use biochemic therapy in combination with other western medicines
• The salts reduce the muscle cramps and improves physical performances
• It can be successfully used in treating anemia
• Biochemic therapy provides relief from back aches and colds
• The salts cleanse the body by detoxifying them
• Regular use of the salts prevents the diseases and help in maintaining natural health and well being.
• Calcium fluoride reduces swelling of glands and enlarged varicose veins
• Calcium phosphate reduces rickets and gall stones
• Various combinations of the salts are also helpful in treating arthritis, asthma, allergy, acne, constipation, diarrhea, cough, kidney stone, heat stroke, vertigo, sprains, etc

The biochemic therapy has been used by practitioners for more than 100 years to regain the natural mineral balance of the body, which gets disturbed by the malfunctions of the body.

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