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What Is Animal Therapy?
Animal therapy or animal assisted therapy includes activities which involve animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits to help people treat or recover from various health problems and to achieve natural health. It has been found that animal therapy is useful in treating heart diseases, cancer and even mental health disorders and bringing back the natural health. This therapy helps to increase the emotional balance of people, increase their social activities and improves the cognitive functioning. Animals such as domesticated pets, marine mammals such as dolphins and farm animals etc are used as therapy animals. This idea came from the belief that animals have supernatural powers.

There are three stages in this therapy.
• 1st stage- The session with therapist to assess whether the patient needs animal therapy and to what extent. If there is need the animal will be introduced to the patient.
• 2nd stage- Developing the bonding between the animal and patient by feeding the animal or by grooming it. The therapist will then introduce small activities such as getting food or water for the animal by asking the patient to bring them. This will improve the motor functions of the person. When they have positive interactions with the animal the patient will also be ready for social interactions with people.
• 3rd stage- Therapist monitors the human –animal interaction and judges the situation. When the patient is able to interact with animals as well as humans, the treatment is considered to be complete.

What Are The Benefits Of The Therapy?
Research has shown that animal therapy can improve the natural health of a person by reducing anxiety, depression and fatigue. This treatment also helps to reduce pain associated with certain medical procedures.

Some of the benefits of animal therapy are:
• Reduced pain and fatigue in cancer patients
• Using to reduce the pain of dental procedures in children
• People requiring long-term care for recovery or rehabilitation
• Treating people with heart failure
• Treating and reducing post-traumatic stress in veterans
• Applying pet therapy to child victims of sexual assault reduces depression and anxiety

According to the needs and conditions of the patient the technique or method used will change. Animal therapy work by motivating the patients to perform the simple tasks and it enhances the treatment provided by the therapist and help them to gain natural health. It has been found that your blood pressure and cholesterol levels remain under control when you are in the company of animal companions.

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