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Dr Barbara Cawood

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What Is Allergy Testing / Treatments?
To carry out Allergy Testing / Treatments, it is first important to do an allergy test on the skin or blood to determine the substance or the allergen that is causing an allergic response in a person. Skin tests are the most common types of allergy tests done as they are easy, reliable and less expensive than blood tests.

Skin Tests:
To work out the Allergy Testing / Treatments, first a small amount of the allergen is placed on the skin to see if it causes a reaction. The types of skin tests conducted are:
• Skin Prick Test: A small drop of solution with possible allergen is placed on the skin and needle pricks or scratches on the skin are made to allow the solution to enter the skin. If skin turns red, then it means that the person is allergic to the allergen.
• Skin patch test: The allergen solution is placed on a pad and is taped onto the skin for one to three days. This test will help in determining contact dermatitis.
• Intradermal test: A small amount of allergen is injected into the skin. This test is done when the substance used in skin prick test fails to cause a reaction. This test does not affect natural health.
• Blood test: Blood tests are another way to carry out Allergy Testing / Treatments. But, it is not as effective as skin tests and is done to find antibodies in the blood.

What Are The Benefits Of Allergy Testing / Treatments?
If you do not want to compromise on natural health, then you need to carry out allergy testing / treatments. The benefits of allergy testing are:
• It will help in pinpointing the stuff you are allergic to.
• It is completely safe and painless and does not affect natural health.
• Skin tests are the least expensive form of allergy testing and are also effective.

The benefits of Allergy Testing / Treatments are:
• Relief from seasonal and perennial allergies
• Allergy immunotherapy will help in changing the immune response of your body to the allergy and help you to lead a natural health.
• An allergist will help in easily finding out the causes of your allergies and will help in preventing and treating the symptoms. They will help in Allergy Testing / Treatments in the best possible way to get you in the peak of health.

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