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The Alexander Technique for Overall Health and Wellbeing
Alexander technique is a holistic natural health treatment that lays emphasis on correct breathing, posture and relaxation.

Have you tried medication and drugs but still unable to get relief?

The Alexander Technique helps bring awareness to our posture, breathing and muscular tension. The process is painless, non-invasive although the therapist may occasionally touch you to correct posture. When we experience negative reactions like anger, frustration or guilt, our bodies immediately produce a reaction.

The underlying objective of the Alexander Technique natural health treatment is to train us to pay attention as well as increase awareness of our bodies. Practitioners believe that training the mind to pay conscious attention to the body can promote healing and balance.

A very important feature of the Alexander Technique is to practice self-observation. Breathing, for example, tends to be a very unconscious action for most of us. Conscious breathing trains you to observe exactly how you are breathing and how it affects your body.

In addition, the natural health modality involves conscious inhibition. For example, we all have a tendency to slouch when we sit on a couch. The Alexander Technique is a natural health method that teaches you to be conscious of your posture even while sitting on a couch. The main idea is to inhibit natural reflexes and impulses as far as possible.

Corrective measures could involve keeping your body aligned and relaxed. For example, most of us tend to bunch our shoulders when we get stressed. The Alexander Technique trains us to keep the body relaxed instead of tensing the muscles.

Natural health practitioners believe that doing this on a regular basis will prevent stress from lingering in the body.

The other important part of Alexander Technique involves what is called ‘sensory perception’. Therapists encourage clients to reprogram their mindsets to rid the psyche of negative patterns. Old patterns can be extremely tenacious and challenging to eliminate. Conscious sensory perception, coupled with self-observation will help you become aware of your body and its reactions.

What are the benefits of the Alexander Technique?
The Alexander Technique is a natural health therapy that is very useful in providing relief in conditions associated with chronic pain. The natural health therapy is known to alleviate conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome, back aches and shoulder pain.

Most of these problems are caused due to poor posture and breathing. The treatment is also helpful in increasing our awareness and understanding of our bodies and its subconscious reaction to stressful emotions.

The Alexander Technique is a natural health therapy that is very useful for improving balance, wellbeing and confidence.

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